Lunar Revolution

A month a month! It’s really been a month! That’s really kind of incredible when you think about it! Actually, really, it’s been over a month at this point, we’ve been a busy and are a bit late, sorry! But it’s okay, we’re back. The changes to our body seem to have begun, and those in our mind are quite developed by this point, it seems. Most noticeably, our chest has begun to grow a bit sore. It’s not exactly very visible, but… there’s definitely a bit of tissue growth. When we first started out, the idea of growing breasts was something we were pretty neutral to, honestly. But now that it’s actually happening, it’s kind of thrilling!

We’ve been crying a lot, but! Not in a bad way at all. We were never exactly cut off from our emotions internally, and it wasn’t surprising when a movie or book was able to bring us to tears. Now, though, everything’s so much more clear and direct, no longer through the veil of clouding substance. The immediacy is hard sometimes, we admit; things that make us sad have the ability to drive that sadness quite deeply down. The world is a bright and beautiful place, though! And a dark and beautiful place! Its beauty, fortunately, is not bound to any particular state of luminosity.

Creation is slowly sneaking back into our lives. We’ve made a list of things we’d like to acquire for linocut, which we hope to get back into soon (back into… we’ve made one piece so far, okay, but it’s a start!). As for digital things, games seem to be a good combination of media. Video games really… aren’t that interesting to me a lot of the time, but recently we’ve found a lot of inspirational work that’s given us a lot of inspiration for things we’d like to make. Wavering figures, slight suggestions of form and presence… sound and visual, movement and narrative… there’s so much potential. It’s a shame that so many choose to squander it, but no matter! We might well, too, but at least we’ll hopefully be satisfied. It even lets us do technical things, there’s still code to be written, after all, debuggers and linkers and instance methods and and and… @_@ It’ll all be very interesting for us, and has been so far!

There really isn’t much else we have to say right now. Things have gotten a lot better, we think. Our life has started to put itself in the right direction, we can see certain things laid out ahead of us, waiting to take shape where they haven’t started to already. Thank you, all, for your support and love. It is infinitely appreciated. <3

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Written by Lilith on 07 January 2016