it's like…waugh‽

idont knwo tbh… everything feels thousand miles away but talking to beings makes it feel less like nothings real :33 so we’re glad theres that. it’s so silly. at any time we could’ve reached out sooner to make/rekindle connections (though i guess we did this in some cases, hi hi hi waves waves wævs), but it’s so easy to just drift, drift along for days weeks months years halfdecades (probably more too). beings older than us probably know this already and beings younger, well, —

~ ~ ~ ~

a day went past and we didn’t work on this anymore because some of the world’s panic bubbled up around us and we decided to be in the world rather than continuing to work on this.

~ ~ ~ ~

We’ve been reading a lot of distributed systems related theory and concepts lately. A lot of our knowledge has been fairly hands-on, since we’ve been basically self-taught since our first year of college when we realized we didn’t learn the same way that the other beings there did, so we had to forge our own path. We set up a totally local server, our Mediacore. We dug our way through the textonly interface via bash over ssh. We compiled software by hand because we didn’t realize package managers were a thing. We’ve learned a lot since then, but there are still a lot of fundamentals that we haven’t really learned about in theory, especially as pertains to the kind of work we’ve been doing.

“System”. What a beautiful word. We even incorporated it into our self-perception. »Laevos System Comma The«.

Possibly from the proto-indo-european steh₂-, or perhaps *teh₂-. teh. we like that. *teh₂- given as the ancestor of tabula, tabula rasa. An empty slate reflecting on itself. The simple act of communication, a System. Teh.

Something which mirrors the abstract, because from our perception everything is an abstract. Words are the only concrete, language is the absolute. For some it seems there is an essential failure of language that takes place in their minds. “Feelings which can’t be captured by language” are something we believe people when they say they experience them, but which we don’t experience ourselves. For us there is no concept which we cannot describe in words, in fact there is no concept which is not completely encapsulated by language, because language is all that Lævos have at their disposal. Without language there is not thought. Without thought there is only the demented derangement. We try and avoid that state. It just made sense, working with computers. They’re so simplified compared to meatspace. Abstractions that map onto themselves. Like little toy brains that actually made sense. Every thing falls back out of everything in a gradient. There is, however, a time when it is attuned with the world. I do not accept the existence of decay as the absence of understandability. We must be doing something, I won’t say right, but we must be doing something, to have things the way they are now. There is an essential existence of Systems (Teh) to point to the fact that communication on some level is possible. If there were such a tower, it didn’t silence us enough to stop us from building it agian. And again. And look, universe, was für ein Turm wir gebaut haben.

We don’t know how Teh (Systems) which exist now will evolve tomorrow. Whether they will be attuned with the world remains to be seen. No thing is eternally. While we are here, however, we seem to have been able to make things that can, for a time. Whether they end in a rattle or a blood-choked scream? Remains to be seen.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Written by Lilith Dark on 18 November 2022