We're on Gemini now!

If you aren’t aware of Project Gemini, it’s a recently developed internet protocol, like Gopher or HTTP, with a focus toward text, privacy, ease of use and user-controlled aesthetic experience. After checking it out, we decided that we might as well make one, since it seemed like a fun little mini-project, and it was incredibly easy to do so. We’re using agate as a server and amfora as our client, but there are many many many alternatives, some of which are way more user friendly if you want an experience with a similar feel to a web browser like Firefox, which you can find on the Project Gemini page’s list of Gemini software.

If you’re already using Gemini, or want to give it a try, you can check out our capsule (that’s the Gemini equivalent of a “site”) by pointing the Gemini-enabled browser of your choice at:


We’re using it as a very freeform, stream of consciousness type blog for things that aren’t “serious post with properly formatted sentences” enough for this space, so expect it to be a little silly. :P

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Written by Lilith, Sakura, Seri, [REDACTED] on 15 October 2021