Words Won't Stop Forming

Words won’t stop forming in our head words won’t stop forming in our head words won’t stop forming in our head words won’t stop forming in our head

And we don’t want them to stop because it’s all we have to hold on to. So many distractions, I don’t know where they came from. Let’s see if we can list them:

We need a place

We need a place

We need a place

We. Need. A. Place.

What’s a place? Why, what’s it not? It’s not a place where others can be unless they need to be and not just to say hello how are you I love you what’s this what’s that what’re you what’s anything? Make sure it contains only what we need. One project at a time? Unlikely, but a main area. A place to sit, what a novel idea! Surprisingly, we’ve never had a place to sit for very long that was all our own that didn’t fall apart underneath our admittedly lightweight ass! ANd if even that’s enough to break it just think how fragile the concept must seem to us, how flighty, how far from reach forever and ever. You know that’s really quite a shame, being left with nothing but a bed. A bed isn’t a place to work, a bed isn’t a place to do. It’s a place for idleness except for some lascivious escape. It’s not enough, it’s not enough, it’ll never, ever be enough. Not to say that we feel smothered by our darling friends and lovers, but it’s not enough to sleep and fuck and both of those things interest us less and less each day. Only that we may create…

We want to create. We put the tag here because we knew we would. We have before, but always so spread out, always such minimal effort before something else sweeps us away. We want to make… we know we can. Words and pictures, sound and art. It’s burning away at our insides, “Let me out, let me out, let me out!” and we’ve but to listen and we’ll be free. Listen and find a place to sit. To stand. To pace without hearing comment on our movement as if we aren’t painfully aware of every little action our body contorts itself with. Blissfully, disgustingly aware.

I think that’s all we had for now. We do have to get back to work. Thanks for listening, we feel a bit better now.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Written by Sakura on 15 December 2015