Food: The Game

In-game screenshot

Sakura’s last post got me thinking; we haven’t been completely without productivity this year, and I think we ought to acknowledge that. Last May, we made a little game about the struggle we’ve historically had with eating, which is a story unto itself that doesn’t really need to be told here or now. Nonetheless, it was a very cathartic experience to create, and while it’s perhaps not relatable to everyone, it’s very personal.

We’ve gone ahead and posted it on the indie game site Possible trigger warning for those who have also struggled with food and the woefully necessary process of eating (you have our most heartfelt sympathies).

As for whether we’ll make any more games in the future, perhaps. It’s certainly an art form with potential, and we’ve seen some very inspiring works lately that have made us reconsider our stance on the medium. They can be so cohesive, blending sound, visual and text-based art all together in a nice little package that can really make a statement. They… can also be banal tripe, so we have a somewhat tenuous relationship with them. Nevertheless, it feels good to have this out in the open. Keeping things inside isn’t very good for us.

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Written by Lilith on 15 December 2015