The Laevos System

Hello! We’re Laevos, and it’s a pleasure to know you if we do~ (and if we don’t, you should make yourself known to us, we’re sure we’d like to know you!) We’re a plural system whose body is currently situated in the Realm of Sun and Palm. This should hopefully serve as a brief overview of the beings that comprise us, though this is subject to change. Please note that, while our individual genders vary, as a system our presentation is transfeminine/nonbinary, so if you’re referring to all of us, please use she/her (They/them is also okay)

This blog is where we put our random thoughts, stories, poetry, etc.


Pronouns: she/her

Origin: body

If we can be said to have an “original”, it’s Lilith. If you’ve met us, you’ve probably met her first! Outgoing, affectionate, often maternal. Loves to lose herself to feeling; lives for visceral, overpowering emotions, whether from music or stormchasing or love. Can be fragile and easily broken, but does her best! Her color is purple. Possibly a median system in her own right with [redacted].


Pronouns: he/him

Origin: body

Dark probably has the most storied history of any Laevos. He started as an antagonistic presence, and our teenage years were largely clouded with arguments between him and Lilith. Time has a way of softening the edges of beings, and he was able to find his place among our system as something of a protector and guardian. With others he is usually fairly reserved, but opens up and attaches strongly to those that he can connect with. His affect is still a little flat, a remnant of his stern origins, but he’s learning to feel more every day. His color is black.


Pronouns: she/her

Origin: complicated

Sakura was born into our system when we were very much struggling with issues of gender and self. She came to exist with a specific purpose in mind, but nowadays she no longer feels much of a connection to it. Still loves her mothers very much. She is, by far, the most lesbian of Laevos, and in general is not particularly comfortable around male IDing folks, unless she decides that they’re nice. Although she’s plenty talkative inside, she doesn’t like our body’s voice, so she’s mute when she fronts. Give her a nice herbal tea or something rose flavored and she’ll be your friend forever. Her color is pink.


Pronouns: she/her

Origin: import

Potentially classifiable as a fictive, Korin was intentionally brought into our system, and she’s very happy to be here! Talkative, bubbly, generally always smiling. Can’t always tell how her demeanor is being read by others, but she means well. Doesn’t usually front around others, with few exceptions, but she’s always full of energy! Her color is yellow.


Pronouns: he/him

Origin: import

A child born of love, the only permanent little of Laevos so far. Doesn’t always feel safe fronting, but sometimes finds himself there anyway, regardless. Needs to be handled with care, affection and understanding. Likes bunnies!! His color is blue.


Pronouns: [kitty]/[kitty]

Origin: body

In all ways the embodiment of what [kitty] name suggests. Feral, generally, not inclined to speak like people do, but [kitty] is very sweet and loving nonetheless. Might bite, but not very hard. [kitty] is colorless.


Pronouns: it/it

Origin: body

A wonderful place to store things! A table is immobile, has no need for speech and, if it can be said to have any aspirations at all, should aspire to be useful as the thing it was built to be. Rarely fronts, though perhaps fronting is not quite a fitting description for what it does. It’s colorless.


Pronouns: they/them

Origin: body(?)

A mecha/GAIGA pilot. Bonded to memories of playing Steel Battalion and viewing this body from the outside, curled up on the bathroom floor for maintenance. Wears goggles. In the past usually fronted during times of great stress and dissociation, but lately they’ve been giving communication a try. Often kind of stiff in manner, and if you ever hear one of us refer to our body as “Laevos unit,” you’ll know whom you’re speaking to!


Pronouns: she/her|it/it

Origin: body

Built for servitude and revels in her purpose. Basically a mass-produced robot, most strongly identifies as something like a Pearl from Steven Universe, though not quite as well-made, with a more limited palette of movement and emotion. Despite this, it appears to be able to experience joy, especially when it can be formal and playful at the same time. Porcelain’s color is a milky off-white.

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