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It’s interesting to us that anyone can see dreams as anything other than other worlds, existing real as “this” “one”, to which the selves have access during unconsciousness or sometimes even during consciousness. It is clear to us that this is exactly what they are.

We have recurring meta-zones in which our dreams often take place, or which our dreams often feature, travel through. Here we will detail those meta-zones, and lay out our thoughts thereof.

The Many Worlds

The Desert Hotel

The Infinite Mall

The Halloween Store

Not to be confused with the infinite mall, although it can sometimes be found within it, this World often consists of a single room, always filled with an assortment of artifacts. It is not strictly “Halloween” themed, but there is always an aura of the sinister to it that links it inextricably to the feeling of Halloween. Some examples of objects we have found there:

The Island

This is a place where bad things happen. One does not want to find themselves here. Cut off in all the ways an island can be. Isolated like The Desert Hotel, but not escapable by any means other than aircraft or ship, which we do not often have to hand. The Island is always densely jungled, and feel warm despite nearly always presenting themselves at night. Trials often happen here, groups of people led through harrowing tasks, occasionally they are hunted as well.

The Mother’s House

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